Norfolk Southern's Winston-Salem District

Soon to be the full line…

CNJ at Philpott

Stuck after a bit of wind the night before. Made it to Bassett before receiving an approach. Now waiting for a crew with NS trucks running through the area.


Double your ‘L’s

About two months ago I noticed the control point signage at Philpott was missing. I’m unsure if it was stolen or simply taken down by NS, but within a week or two it was replaced by the below plate. Nearly correct.


Manifest Switcheroo April 2013

I’ve updated the manifest listing on the traffic map page. Since the closure of the hump yard in Roanoke, the first routine freight turn to travel to winston-Salem has been added. V74 now runs daily or almost daily shuttling cars between the two yards. The consist is typically covered hoppers, scrap gondolas, and loaded lumber spines from North Winston which are spotted in the south storage tracks at Payne. V79 then distributes this traffic to the north.

V77 runs often during the week to the Fontaine spur handling the industrial movement that V79 once handled. This has been done at night rather than during the day as it was in the past.

N&W heritage leading 754 to Belews Creek





Ex-SP on 66N


Poor rainy night photo of ex-SP UP 6403 as a pusher on 66N.

21st Century Steam Excursion on the Winston-Salem District

On June 24, 2012, Norfolk Southern ran an excursion from Winston-Salem to Roanoke as part of the 21st Century Steam program. Some photos are linked below in locations that weren’t nearly as populated as the majority of the grade crossings on the line.

Fieldale, VA

Henry, VA

Lanahan, VA

Boones Mill, VA


Winston-Salem District 21st Century Steam Excursion

On May 21st, NS released intent to run a Steam excursion led by SR 630 north from North Winston to Roanoke with connections in Roanoke to ferry passengers to Winston-Salem for the excursion and after the excursion return passengers to the excursion’s origin. Details can be found at <>.

The tour for the southern half of the line has been finshed for the time to assist those individuals attempting to chase and photograph this move to Roanoke. In the upcoming weeks many maps and photographs of the line north of Philpott will be added to aid in this purpose. The deadline I’m setting to accomplish this is June 17 as the excursion will take place a week later on June 24th.

Hopeful Updates

I’ve been thinking the complete tour with chase maps would be done by now, but I was more than wrong. It’s amazing how much time can slip away so quickly. I’ve begun creation of the final tour guides and they will be divided as follows:

Roanoke Terminal – Starkey
Starkey – Boones Mill
Boones Mill – Rocky Mount
Rocky Mount – Ferrum
Ferrum – Henry
Henry – Philpott
Belews Creek Junction – Winston-Salem

That’s seven additional maps with only four containing a great deal of information.

As rumored, coal has been halted on the line for the next few weeks. I’m not entirely sure of the scope of the work at Belews Creek, but the district has been oddly silent without the additional four to eight movements a day. 272 has been going through early some nights, but still averages near 10:30 P by R61. 25N has been similarly visiting at night after being an early morning move for so long. V79 has seen light work, with very few gons headed for the Hill Top Spur recently. This morning’s train was at least 2 boxes and 2 Utility Service Company covered hoppers.

Some work has been done toward the reopening of the Nylon Spur with fallen trees being removed to make the line accessible. The switch to the main at R64.9 has yet to be made functional, but additional work trains have been spotted at Payne and this may be impending. Photos to follow.


Please pardon the absence of some information on the website. I’ve finally found the time to update and I’ve decided to include from Randolph St. on the Roanoke Terminal to the WSSB connection in Winston-Salem. Maps will be updated accordingly.



Pumpkin Vine and site update 15 July 2011

A few months have passed and I must first apologize for not updating the site in accord with my original timeline. The descriptions for the Pine Hall to Belews Creek segment of the line inclusive of the Belews Creek spur itself will be posted as soon as I can type them.



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